Digital Fundraising Tips for Schools in 2021

Victorian state school families spent more than $400 million last year in “parent payments” on education essentials, sparking protests that the money is being used to compensate for the chronic under-funding of public schools - according to a recent article in The Age.

The record figure, $400.1 million for the 2019-20 financial year, equates to $619 in parental payments per child per annum, based on Department of Education and Training data showing there were just over 646,000 children enrolled in Victorian state schools last year.

Schools and parents often turn to fundraising to top up the government funding shortfalls so they can provide students with a wider range of opportunities than school budgets can buy.

Fundraising efforts pay off big time for some schools. Fund raised dollars purchase everything from school supplies, books, and musical instruments to technology, playground equipment, drama productions, athletic programs, school trips, and more. Differences in amounts raised by schools may exist because schools or school/parent councils decide not to fund raise, but often they are due to families’ ability – or inability – to pay.

Many of the opportunities and resources acquired with fund raised dollars are enjoyed by all children in the school, not only those whose families contributed money or other resources. So how can we call on the students to assist with the

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